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I currently have the privilege of teaching at various studios in Sydney, from traditional Yoga, boutique, to more athletic studios. Each studio has its unique characteristics and offers the ideal space for a connecting, nurturing and perhaps challenging Yoga practice.

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A beautiful space hat the heart of Bronte.  
A Sukha Mukha our passion is to share the gift of Yoga in it’s deepest essence which is beyond the Physical. Our main form of practice and the lineage from which we come is Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic flow which gives the freedom to creatively express oneself.  celebrating the joy in life and the wisdom of Yoga as a lifestyle.

Approaching health and mobility in a holistic way, Flow Athletic offers a range of styles of Yoga including, Flow Release, Flow Athletic, Yin, Flow Barre and others.
New sequences are introduced each month helping practitioners to master postures, condition the body and begin to move with skill & ease, as well as calm the mind and relax.

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A beautiful intimate studio overlooking the ocean. Class sizes are ideal for a well focused practice, offering adjustments, alignment and individual supervision.
The Living Room offers classes to suit all needs, whether practitioners prefer strong, focused classes or more relaxing, gentle classes. All fitness levels are welcome, and our highly skilled teachers will adapt any posture to any level.

A beautiful traditional Yoga Studio in north Bondi. Following a traditional Yoga lineage and offering a variety of classes from dynamic Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and others.
A sister studio to the Living Room, practitioners tend to have a regular practice and deepen their Yoga practice, both physical and spiritual practices.

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The Sky Studio at Titan's is a beautiful space for a Yoga practice. The studio is bathed by Cogee's beach sunsets and sunrises.
Classes focus on improving breathing, body awareness, posture, flexibility and the calmness of the spirit. All classes are designed to cultivate health and happiness through a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness.

MANUMISSION YOGA is a small team of dedicated yoga instructors which have come together to create a yoga school based on the 8 limbs of traditional yoga. We all have been greatly influenced by the Ashtanga practice, and the Sivananada teachings. 

Classes are built around highly refined sequencing, which will give the student a safe and complete yoga practice. 

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Bronte NSW 2024, Australia

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